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Richville Towers

Project Details Project Description Richville Towers bestows a perfect view of the cityscape from its prime location. The tower stands unmissable overlooking the exotic and serene waterfront off Admiralty Road,

Ebenezer’s Court

Project Details Project Description The Ikeja environment is known to be increasing in demand for real estate opportunities owing to its strategic siting at the very heart of the commercial


Project Details Project Description Welcome to the Flo & Wills, Ogudu Foreshore, Lagos. The Flo & Wills is a gated residential development sitting on a land area of over 13000sqm

The Kingsize Place

Project Details Project Description Ikeja; the capital of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve center, and the seat of the state government, has over the years been the most sought after location

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Functional Design

We know beauty & aesthetics form part of the attraction for any house. These should however not replace functional buildings. Our designs are a combination of beauty, aesthetic pleasure and yet functional houses that are not only a beauty to behold, but also an abode to desire

Space Management

We give consideration to our clients’ budget and at the same time ensure that every space on our projects is well managed to accommodate your uniqueness

Contemporary Architecture

We are on a constant journey to design houses with the present and the future in view. We invest a lot of our resources in trying out architectural masterpieces with functional spaces, giving consideration not only for what is in vogue today, but such as will remain relevant in the distant future.